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Syllabi (Japanese and English) for 2019 is available (2019.4.8 update)

Student Achievement Assessment System, "Tasseido Hyouka"

Through the establishment of concrete educational goals, FD, and a leading curriculum, among other things, the Risk Engineering Department has been providing top-notch graduate education. In the 2007 academic year, a 3-year project for the organizational restructuring of education in the graduate school called "Providing substance in graduate school education through the Student Achievement Assessment System" was implemented.

For details, see "Tasseido Hyouka" page.

Special Features of Education

Practical risk analysis in group research [Master's Program]

In group seminar in risk engineering, first-year students conduct research in groups. An advisory professor is appointed to each group to provide students with guidance in everything from proceeding with their research, to writing reports, and making presentations. Some of the results are presented at symposia and other academic venues outside of the university.

For details, see Group Research page.jp

Assignments Honour Pledge

Students are expected to uphold the Honour Code on all of their assignments. The following Honour Pledge will be signed on all submitted course assignments.

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